This impressive juice will have you feeling refreshed and help to remove harmful chemicals from the body.

250ml Bottle. (100% Cold Pressed RAW Juice. NON HPP, NON PASTEURISED)

What to do?

Keep your juice refrigerated and consume by the best before date.


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Green Apple, Cucumber, Lemon & Activated Charcoal (No extra nasties)

Apples are amongst the healthiest fruit. No cholesterol, extremely low levels of saturated fats and sodium, but power punching levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Cucumber juice manages to offer good nutrition and is an excellent source of B vitamins. Deficiency of B vitamins often results in fatigue, irritability and poor concentration. Drinking cucumber juice ensures your body is supplied with these vitamins and leaves you feeling energetic

Activated charcoal has a negative electric charge. This allows it to attract toxins and harmful chemicals, moving them out of the body quicker. It also has excellent anti-aging benefits. Consuming activated charcoal regularly may help you get clearer skin, reduce stomach discomfort and improve your kidney health.