All about Juice Cleansing

Question Why should I juice cleanse?
AnswerWhen juice cleansing you are aiding the body to flush out toxins, boost your immune system and improve digestive functions.

Juicing is an intense and easy way to ensure you are consuming all the right vitamins, minerals, nutrients and live enzymes that your body needs for optimum health. You will be drinking 100% RAW Cold Pressed, UnProcessed (Non Pasteurised Non HPP) Fruit and Vegetable Juices.

Without the fibre from the whole fruit and vegetables, cold-pressed juice is absorbed rapidly by your body.  Drinkers of it regularly experience an almost instantaneous energy kick within 20 minutes.

When you cleanse you are flooding your body with the nutrients and live enzymes that it requires, giving your digestive system a well deserved break from complexed processed foods that it struggles to process. Your body will begin detox and rid itself of damaged cells and inflammation.

You will experience an increase of energy, better sleep, glowing skin, weight loss and minimal sugar cravings are just a few of the changes you should notice.

Prepare to feel HyperFresh. 🙌🏼

Question How to complete your cleanse?
AnswerThe Six RAW, Cold-Pressed and freshly squeezed juices are to be consumed throughout the day. We recommend having a 2 hour break between each one. They are numbered in order to work with your body’s needs. For example if you take no.1 at 9am, you will take no.6 at 7pm.

It is very important that you increase your water intake to help flush out your body’s toxins, so please drink as much water as possible between each juice.

You can also take herbal tea or warm fresh lemon juice in-between the juices but please allow 45 minutes before/after your cold pressed juice as the heat from the hot drinks can interfere with the nutrients and live enzymes from the juices.

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A detailed Cleanse Schedule will be emailed to you after your purchase and also included with the delivery. This is full of helpful information and tips and tricks to ensure you get the most from your HyperFresh Cleanse 🙌🏼

Question Will I lose weight on a juice cleanse?
AnswerSome weight loss will be achieved during a cleanse but juicing is not all about weight loss. The main purpose of the cleanse is to boost the intake of nutrients and enzymes. Once you start feeding your body the nourishment it needs and craves, your body can start to detox, revive and reset. prepare to feel HyperFresh!
Question What is included in a juice cleanse?
AnswerYou will receive 6 x 250ml bottles of RAW Cold Pressed juice from 100% fresh (locally sourced where possible) fruit and vegetables. For each of the days during your cleanse. Nothing else is added. No water. No nasties. Just juice! All part of a your liquid daily meal replacement diet.

Customers add our shot boxes to the cleanse to help with any hunger pangs or as an alternative to caffein. View and Purchase Here.

Full details and nutritional information can be found via our products page.

A detailed Cleanse Schedule will be emailed to you after your purchase and also included with the delivery. This is full of helpful information and tips and tricks to ensure you get the most from your HyperFresh Cleanse 🙌🏼

Question What is cold-pressed juice?
AnswerCold-pressed juice is made using a hydraulic press that uses extreme pressure to extract the maximum amount of liquid nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables. No additional heat or oxygen is used in the process, so that no live enzymes are lost to heat of traditional pasteurisation. 

Vitamins and enzymes can be lost or destroyed by some other juicers available but not by cold-pressing.

Question What are the benefits of cold-pressed juice?
AnswerCold-Pressed Juice is a powerful source of nutrition and there are many benefits to drinking it regularly. 

One of the main benefits of doing a cleanse is that you are allowing your digestive system to rest and recover. For every 3-day Cleanse, over 7kg of raw fruit and vegetable is consumed in juice form. It would be very hard to digest this in whole form without causing discomfort.

To boost your immune system our Juices are rich in antioxidants, live emzymes, vitamin A and Vitamin C. Perfect to help defend your body against cold & flu virus’s.

Each juice is packed with nutrients that fight toxins and supports your body’s overall health. Vegetables like carrots are rich in potassium, as well as polyphenol and Vitamin C, making them powerful antioxidants that stimulate the brain and help prevent disease. 

Cold-pressed juice is also a great way to introduce new foods to your diet, as well as making it much easier to get in your recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables.

The nutrients in cold-pressed juice feed your body’s good bacteria, which help to suppress pathogenic bacteria.

Question What to expect afterwards?
AnswerDoing a juice cleanse can help to kick start your healthy routine. After the 3 day cleanse you should feel energised and ready to progress with a new lifestyle, making healthy choices regarding fuelling your body and enjoying exercise.  You have helped reset your digestive system and can now concentrate on a healthier and more mindful approach to food. 

Take it easy on the calorie intake the next day, making sure you eat healthy, non processed /salty foods and keep hydrated. You have just given your body a wonderful detox, don’t ruin all your good work by ordering a calorific greasy takeaway! 

Consider skipping breakfast and replacing with our Celery Juice Subscription (the benefits are amazing!) or Alternatively subscribe to a 5:2 weekly cleanse or simply purchase a 1 Day cleanse or any of our specials to consume as you wish.

Question Can I drink coffee, alcohol or smoke?
AnswerNo. This is about giving your body a break. Coffee and alcohol can dehydrate you and they can also interfere with the absorption of some key nutrients required for your cleanse. We know how terrible smoking is for you, so why not use your cleanse as an opportunity to try and quit or to at least cut down during your cleanse. 

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Question How should I store the juices?
AnswerAs our juices are created from fresh raw produce, the juices are perishable and therefor must be chilled in the fridge as soon as you receive them. They have a shelf life of 3 days from date of delivery. 

If for any reason you can not complete the juice cleanse straight away, simply freeze the juices upon arrival then remove the six (for each day) from the freezer to defrost in the fridge overnight ready for your start the following morning.

Question Allergens & Special Diet
AnswerIf you have a food allergy or any special dietary needs, please contact us prior to placing your order. We will endeavour to accommodate you. HyperFresh RAW do not assume any responsibility for a persons sensitivity or allergy to any juices provided.

Our kitchen operation involves shared preparation areas and equipment. We take great pride in our kitchen and thoroughly clean equipment and all surfaces however, despite our best efforts, the possibility remains that your food will come in contact with other food products or possible allergens.

Question Pre and post juicing tips
AnswerSay you decided to start a juice cleanse starting Tuesday, you may be tempted to overload the day before but please don’t! You must resist the treats! Doing this would make the detoxifying process much harder. What you consume in the days prior, and the weeks following a juice cleanse, is just as important as completing the cleanse. If you want to achieve the best results, we recommend you start to cut back on caffeine, alcohol, dairy, red meat and processed foods a few days prior to the cleanse. 

Customers add our shot boxes to the cleanse to help with any hunger pangs or as an alternative to caffein.. View and Purchase Here.

For best results, its best to juice cleanse when you’re not stressed or over exercising. You want this cleanse to be a success so maybe ask friends and family to support you or even partake with you.

After you have completed the cleanse you need to ease your way back into eating solid foods again. Choose healthy options such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, olive oil. These will keep you full and make you less likely to snack and reach for the biscuit tin. Don’t ruin all your good work by over indulging in processed/salty foods. Keep hydrated drink plenty of cold water and also drink hot water and lemon in the morning and herbal teas to aid your digestive system back into your new routine.

You’ve given your body a bit of a spring clean – it would be a shame to spoil this with the intake of heavily processed, high sugar, and salty foods.

Continue your healthy eating habits and preferences. The first few days after a juice cleanse is all about maximising its benefits. Introduce gluten, dairy, and red meats slowly just to be sure you don’t overwhelm your system and end up feeling sick. 

Question Will I be hungry on a juice cleanse?
AnswerHunger should not be experienced on your cleanse thanks to the nutrition provided by the juices. Try to stay busy and keep your mind occupied, thinking all the time about how great you’re going to feel after the cleanse has been completed and try reminding yourself why you are doing this cleanse. Your body is going to thank you for this break.

You are giving your digestive system a break so we recommend only drinking the juices provided plus water.

Customers add our shot boxes to the cleanse to help with any hunger pangs. View and Purchase Here.

If you are really struggling, you could consume a raw fruit or vegetable or a couple of nuts (like raw almonds or cashews). 

Question How long do the juices last?
AnswerHyperFresh Juice is raw, cold-pressed, unpasteurised and 100% natural. As soon as they are created and bottled, they are chilled, packaged an delivered to you. You must chill them in the fridge as soon as you receive them and consume them within 4 days.  If you are not yet ready to cleanse, simply pop them into your freezer and take out from the freezer the night before you plan to use the drinks the next day.
Question Can I take medication while juice cleansing?
AnswerJuicing is designed to rid your body of all unnatural substances including those found in medication so If you are taking any medication, please consult with your doctor before starting a juice cleanse. 
Question Can I exercise during a juice cleanse?
AnswerSome people prefer to not exercise or complete strenuous physical activities during the cleanse. We would recommend avoiding any high Intensive training. Something less strenuous like pilates of yoga would be better suited.

We offer our active clients FIT ProBio a Symbiotic blend for mental & physical performance. Can be added to your order here.

Remember to keep drinking water between juices to help stay as hydrated as possible. Simply put listen to your body it will tell you what to do. Consider it as a holiday for your body, if you want to have an early night.. do that. Enjoy!

Question Why HyperFresh?
AnswerWe are a fresh new local company (based in N.Ireland) that deliver an alternative offering direct from our kitchen to your front door. All our juices are 100% RAW, cold-pressed and freshly squeezed and unprocessed. Our juices are made to order using only the highest quality fruits and vegetables. As soon as they are prepared, they are bottle, blast frozen and sent out for delivery. We do not process so no HPP or Pasteurisation is used. You can be guaranteed our juices contain all the good stuff! 

All about delivery

Question How much does delivery cost?
AnswerWe offer a Free Next Day Delivery to all of our customers placing orders of £50 or above. Orders below that value incur a £6.95 delivery charge.
Question Do I have to be home when the juices are delivered?
AnswerYes. Someone will need to be available to receive the delivery of juices. If you are not going to be home, have the juices delivered to an alternate address or your work address.

Due to the nature of the perishable product, HyperFresh can not be held responsible for missed deliveries. If a failed attempted deliveries was made you must contact your local ParcelForce depot to arrange collection asap.

Question When should I expect the juices to arrive?
AnswerAll our juices are sent via an overnight courier service to arrive at your chosen address the next day.

We suggest that you have the juices delivered a couple of days before you place to start the cleanse. That way everything is in place ready for you to begin juicing.

Next day delivery is free (orders over £50) and included on all orders placed before 11am. You can specify your chosen delivery date via the calendar for Tuesday to Friday.

Please note we (ParcelForce) do not deliver on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.