ANTI-X Shot Box

ANTI-X Shot Box


Turmeric, Apple, Ginger and Lemon.


Turmeric is an amazing ingredient that boasts an impressive list of benefits! Try one of our Anti-X shots to get an intensely nutrient rich shot of goodness into your system.


The powerful ingredients are known for their high concentration of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Many people take ginger and turmeric at the first sign of sickness to enhance immune function and sidestep cold or flu symptoms.


10x 50ml Shot Bottles.

What to do?

Keep your juice refrigerated and consume by the best before date.


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Research has shown that ginger, in particular, may possess powerful immune-boosting properties. Turmeric and ginger have also been used to help with relief from pain, decrease sickness, and enhance immune function to help protect against illnesses and infections.

Give this one a go when you’re feeling run down to see if it helps boost your immune system.