Ellie – Celery Juice

Our simple Ellie (Celery Juice) is our classic detox drink packed full of nutrients. We like to drink every day to feel superhuman 🙂 Give it a try and see if Drinking Celery Juice regularly improves your immunity.


Ellie is best consumed first thing in the morning, an hour before any food consumption for the greatest benefits to be achieved.


Celery Juice relieves constipation, flushes out toxins, and improves blood circulation. You may even notice a difference in your creaking knees, dysfunctional digestion and aging skin.


The juice of fresh RAW Celery is loaded with Super Nutrients that your body is going to love!

HyperFresh Blast Freeze our Cold Pressed Juices to lock in ALL the nutrients, enzymes and healthy bacteria…

Unlike other companies that extend the shelf life by the process of High Pressure Processing (HPP).


When a RAW juice has been High Pressure Processed it is no longer truly RAW.


The process strips away naturally occurring probiotics, enzymes, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Removing the good bacteria needed protect against the bad.


A HyperFresh RAW juice will proudly last 3 days once defrosted.

250ml Bottle
HyperFresh RAW Juice Cleanse



(100% Cold Pressed RAW Juice. NON HPP, NON PASTEURISED)

What to do?

Keep your juice refrigerated and consume by the best before date.


Help & tips can be found on the FAQ page.

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Celery juice contains potassium, vitamins C, A, K, folate, and over a dozen other antioxidants. It is much lower in calories than other green juices.

Some Benefits that have been researched include: Relief from constipation and digestive disorders – Promotes Cardiovascular Health – Possesses Anti-Inflammatory Properties – Reduces liver damage and diseases – May improve Sleep and overall brain health – Works wonders on your hair and skin.